How to post an alert

Follow the steps below to post an alert to your neighborhood:

  1. Sign in at
  2. Click "More" (See attached screenshot for placement)
  3. Click "Post Alert"
  4. Enter an email subject line for your alert
  5. Enter your time-sensitive or emergency alert
  6. Click "Attach file" to attach a file to your alert
  7. Click "Post it"
  8. You will be prompted with the following message: "Do not submit your alert more than once. Duplicate alerts will be blocked. You can only send one alert every 30 minutes. Make sure your alert is time-sensitive and relevant, otherwise, post your message to the bulletin board. You cannot undo or edit an alert once it is submitted so make sure it is accurate before sending."
  9. Click "Got it" to post/send your alert

Only Board Members, Administrators, and Alerters can post alerts.

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