How can I post a recurring/repeating event?

Follow the steps below to post a repeating event (like a monthly board meeting):

  1. Sign in at
  2. Click the "Events" link
  3. Click "Add Event"
  4. Click the "Repeat" check box
  5. Select the repeating frequency:
    • Daily - Repeat every n days
    • Every weekday (Monday through Friday) - Starts on: Date?
    • Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Starts on: Date?
    • Every Tuesday, Thursday - 
    • Weekly - Repeat every n weeks, on S, M, T, W, R, F, S, Starts on Date?
    • Monthly - Repeat every n months, repeat by "day of the month" or "day of the week"
    • Yearly - Repeat every n years, Starts on Date?
  6. Enter the number of occurrences
  7. Review the summary for accuracy
  8. Click "Post it"



My board meets the first Wednesday of every month starting Wednesday, September 4, 2013. How can I set that up on the calendar to repeat?

  1. Sign in at
  2. Click "Add Event"
  3. Enter a title, "Monthly Board Meeting"
  4. Enter any details, "Residents are welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings of the board."
  5. Enter a location, "The neighborhood clubhouse"
  6. Select the date of your first meeting
  7. Enter a start time
  8. If desired, click "Add End Day/Time" to set an end time for your board meeting
  9. Click the check box next to "Repeat"
  10. Select "Monthly" from the drop down menu
  11. Set to repeat every 1 months
  12. Check the box next to repeat by  "Day of the Week"
  13. Enter 12 in the number of occurrences to repeat the event 12 times
  14. Review the Summary: "Monthly on the first Wednesday, 12 times, Ends of August 6, 2014"
  15. Click "Post it"
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