Why is my profile info different?

When you view your entry in the online resident directory you will notice that your entry is different from everyone else's. The additional options, such as "Add Spouse" or "Add Work Phone", for example, are there to allow you to easily update your profile from within the resident directory. Other users cannot see this information on your listing, but they can see it on their own. There is no way to delete these links; however, if you don't add any information, nothing will be displayed to other users.

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  • something has happened 3x now to my ability to receive all the eneighbor comments etc.
    I am suspicious that a certain person in this comunity Spruce Creek South is able to knock people off the email community because she does not like that person. I have not received any emails from eneighbors in over a month. PLEASE help me get back on. LOIS AND GEORGE RAINWATER

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