How to create a new form

Follow the steps below to create a new online form:

  1. Go to (sign in if prompted)
  2. Click "Forms"
  3. Click "Add Custom Form"
  4. Complete the Form Builder
    • Enter a form name
    • If you want to receive an email notification when the form is completed, enter your email address. You can enter multiple email addresses (separated with a comma) to deliver form submissions to multiple recipients. It is not necessary to enter an email address. All form submissions are saved to a spreadsheet that can be downloaded from the website.
    • If you'd like to allow users to upload attachments to your form, click "Yes, required" or "Yes, not required". If you select "Yes, required" the user won't be able to submit the form unless they provide an attachment.
    • Enter form instructions under "Head Notes"
    • Enter other information under "Foot Notes"
    • Enter a confirmation message under "Confirmation Message" to provide a custom confirmation message that your users will see after they submit a form.
  5. To add questions to your form, click "Add Question"
    • Question Title: Enter your question under "Question Title"
    • Answer Type: Select an answer type, such as "Text" for an open text field or "Single-Choice Dropdown" to provide users with multiple answers in a drop down format where they can only select one answer.
    • Required?: If the question is required, select "Yes" to force users to answer the question in order to submit the form
    • Field Help: Enter help text here to provide additional instructions to your user on how to complete the form field.
  6. After you have added all your questions, select "Save"
  7. When you're ready to publish your form (make it visible to users), click the "Publish" button (not available until you save the form).

Important: Your form will not be visible to users until you Publish the form. The word "Draft" will be listed next to your form until you publish it. After you publish the form it will be accepting responses from users.

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